Anti-Social Behaviour in Brentwood

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William Hunter Way car park is for the use of visitors to the Town Centre and the local area and not a meeting place or somewhere to hang out! That is the message Brentwood Borough Council and Essex Police are getting out after the start of joint action resulted in the seizure of a vehicle in the area .
The Council’s CCTV team have also reported a further two cars for careless driving and identified over 20 cars as being responsible for anti-social behaviour. The registered owners of these vehicles will now receive a warning letter which highlights the action that can be taken against them if they are caught continuing with this anti-social behaviour.
Essex Police have erected signs in and around the car park to warn drivers that under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 they have the power to seize a vehicle if the driver or vehicle is seen:

  • – Driving in a careless or inconsiderate manner
  • – Driving on common land, a footpath or bridle way or any land which is not part of a road
  • – Driving in a manner which is causing/has been causing, or is likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public.

The notices are in place to act as the first warning and will be placed against both the driver and the vehicle and lasts for 12 months. If the driver of the vehicle or the vehicle with the warning issued to it is then seen driving in any of those conditions again in the next 12 months the vehicle can be seized and, if not collected after paying for recovery and storage costs, it will be crushed. Please note that this relates to either the driver with the Section 59 or the vehicle.

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