Burglary Prevention Advice



• Ensure all doors and windows are locked properly, also ensure that elderly relatives are aware of how to lock their doors properly. U-PVC and composite doors have a multi-point locking system and (on most) the door handle will need to be pulled up and the key turned to lock the door. Just pulling up the handle does not lock the door!
• When you are out of the house create the illusion of occupation. This can be achieved by using segment timers on lamps and radios or using devices such as ‘fake TV’
• If you have an alarm use it.
• If you hear a neighbour’s house alarm going off don’t ignore it. Does your neighbour know its going off? Did you hear breaking glass or any strange noises before it started going off?
• Ensure the rear access to your home is secure, what does your garden back onto? Is it easy for someone to gain access into your back garden or your back doors/windows? Most of the dwelling burglaries we see are at the rear of the house so keep it secure!
• Keep wheelie bins inside your back gates not outside. Don’t give burglars a step up over your side/back gate by leaving them out the front.
• Start a neighbourhood watch or join an existing watch.

In an emergency call Essex police on: 999
In a non-emergency call Essex police on: 101