About Safer Brentwood

Safer Brentwood Community Safety Partnership is the local statutory Community Safety Partnership (CSP) for Brentwood. The purpose of the Partnership is to provide a strategic and co-operative approach to addressing local crime & disorder between agencies and the communities within the Borough.

The Partnership

To ensure that the partnership is proactive and well informed we carry out an annual Strategic Intelligence Assessment in order to review existing priorities and identify any new or emerging priorities that the partnership should focus on. Once this is complete we then produce our Partnership Plan for the year which takes forward the priorities identified in the strategic assessment and sets out how the partnership will work together over the next twelve months to tackle crime and disorder and achieve its priorities. This plan has regard for the police and crime objectives set out in the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) police and crime plan and will be shared with the PCC.

Partnership Plan

Click here to download the latest version of the Partnership Plan

Our Priorities

It is a requirement of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) to carry out an annual Strategic Assessment.

The aim of the Strategic Assessment sets out to establish an accurate picture of past, current and emerging trends of crime and disorder and risks that impact upon the Borough and the communities it serves. The results of the strategic assessment will provide a foundation for the future work for the partnership.

Ultimately, the aim of the Strategic Assessment is keeping Brentwood safe, ensuring that our community feels safe and that their fear of crime and their perception of crime decreases.

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